The Challenge

Creating awareness and motivating customers to engage with their utilities in energy programs, products, and services can represent an ambitious undertaking as it is often difficult to develop and implement strategies that encourage customers to recognize the need for these additional offerings. It is imperative that utilities understand their customers’ experiences and preferences, as well as their levels of awareness, familiarity, and usage of the utility’s offerings, in order to develop an effective approach designed to drive behavioral changes and increase overall customer satisfaction.

The Solution

The J.D. Power Utility Products and Services StudySM measures the level of residential customers’ engagement with their electric utility’s programs, products, and services based on responses from approximately 50,000 customers of over 130 of the largest electric utilities throughout the United States. The study provides insights regarding customer awareness, familiarity, and usage of their utility’s product and service offerings; ease of enrollment and participation; and the impact these programs have on the overall customer experience. While electric residential customers are the primary focus, a view of electric business customers, as well as gas residential and business customers, is also available for benchmarking purposes. Study deliverables include:

  • A management discussion that provides insights into key industry trends and study findings
  • A custom report with a detailed analysis of your customers’ awareness and participation in various products and services, as well as customer preferences with respect to communication channels and energy usage behaviors
  • An executive presentation that includes a summary of how your utility performs in the study, customized recommendations and best practices that can be used to establish strategic goals in maximizing both customer engagement and customer satisfaction with your offerings

The Benefits

Study subscribers will be able to use the findings to better understand the level of customers’ awareness, familiarity, and usage of their offerings in order to develop strategies for motivating customers to engage with their programs, products, and services, which, ultimately, can drive behavioral changes and increase overall satisfaction with their utility.