Automotive manufacturers are constantly improving the design and functionality of their models in order to meet the changing needs and expectations of today’s consumers. It is important for publishers to keep abreast of the new-model launches and major redesigns, as manufacturers will place significant marketing and advertising support behind those launches/redesigns. This forecasting tool provides the automotive intelligence to get your company in front of the RFP, which is critical in capturing increased automotive ad revenue.

The Solution

The J.D. Power Automotive Marketing RadarSM is a powerful, visual 2-year sales forecasting tool designed to alert media sellers of manufacturers’ upcoming new-vehicle launches, major redesigns, intended target market, strategy, market share, and vehicle pricing, and includes an outlook on competitive segments/environment. The Radar tool utilizes advanced intelligence, which enables your organization to begin a proactive dialogue with OEMs and agencies before more widespread RFPs are circulated.

The Benefits

The RADAR tool, which employs an easy-to-use point-and-click navigation system, provides a 2-year forecast for each brand that is updated each quarter. Highlights include:

  • Current state of the automobile industry and economic outlook, as well as year-over-year industry performance
  • Brand activity by quarter, including details at the model level, such as: whether it is a new entry, major redesign, minor redesign, or a drop; expected yearly volume; details of design changes; and total number of product actions by model
  • Overall assessment of the brand on various parameters, such as product quality, customer relations, reputation, social media strength, profitability, and retained value
  • Competitive information on trading patterns at the brand, segment, and model level
  • Market share outlook and sales data by brand, segment, and model
  • Financial information, such as retail turn rate, psychographics, and demographics of the principal driver