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How did total sales perform in September ?
• Industry delivered its strongest September sales results since 2006
• September total SAAR of 16.4M showed growth of +1.0M vs. prior year, but down ‐1.1M vs. prior month
• Actual total sales of 1.24M units were +0.11M units reflecting growth of +4.8% vs prior year

Were these strong results driven by retail or fleet sales?
• Strongest September retail since 2007 with sales of 1.01M, up +5.9% vs prior year (within 2.5k units of final forecast)
• September retail SAAR of 13.6M was up 1.3M vs prior year, but down ‐0.6M vs prior month
• Fleet sales of 0.23M grew at a slower pace of just 0.3% Y/Y, resulting in a lower fleet mix of 18.4% vs 19.3% in prior year

How strong are sales results cumulatively thru Q3 2014?
• Total Sales of 12.4M are 640K ahead of same period 2013, up 5.4%
• Retail Sales 10.2M are 550K ahead or same period 2013, up 5.7%
• Fleet sales 2.2M are 90K ahead of same period 2013, up 4.1% (comprising of 18.0% of Total Sales vs 18.2% prior year period)

Which segments were hot and which were not?
• Compact SUVs remained strong with a 19.4% Y/Y sales increase, accounting for 17.3% of all retail sales, up +1.9ppts Y/Y.
• Large Pickups had their best share performance in 36 months, accounting for 13.1% of all retail sales, up +1.3ppts Y/Y.
• Compact Cars underperformed in September, with sales down 4.3% from prior year, settling at 14.3% share, down 1.5ppts Y/Y.
• Premium category once again under‐performed prior year share results, and as segment declined ‐0.1ppts to reach 13.5% share
with Midsize Premium Cars once again leading the decline

Did September break any industry records?
• September’s average customer‐facing transaction price at $30.2K was highest September on record
• Retail consumers spent $30.6B on new vehicles was second highest September on record