Data derived from J.D. Power's Power Information Network (PIN)


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1. Total SAAR reached 18.2M (+1.1M) – Strongest Nov on record: Total sales reached nearly 1.32M, up 18K units

2. Retail sales were up 5.2% to 1.06M: SAAR reached 13.9M (+0.2M) on retail volume decline of 35K units (slightly softer than forecast)

3. Fleet sales were up 37%: Fleet sales rose by 52K units to 0.26M units, and represented 19.3% of industry (up 3.7ppts)

4. Transaction prices set a Nov record with a $567 Y/Y increase: average vehicle CFTP of $31,393/unit, was +$567 above Nov’14

5. Consumer expenditures dropped by 1.4%: Expenditures totaled $33.3 billion, ‐$0.5 billion (a result of short selling month)

6. Incentives rose more modestly than prior 3 month period, up $220 to $3,377/unit, or 9.4% of MSRP (+0.4ppt)

7. Leasing reached record level of 28.5% mix: Industry lease mix rose 2.6ppts Y/Y to 28.5% – maintaining Oct’s record

8. Negative Equity rose 2.9ppts, remaining at recent elevated levels: Neg. Equity transactions totaled 29% of sales

9. Premium Category was 0.5ppts of share of prior year levels, representing only 14.4% of Industry retail

10. Car share of Industry was down 4.4ppts Y/Y to 40.3% ‐ lowest mix since July 2005