Data derived from J.D. Power's Power Information Network (PIN)


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  1. Industry’s top line sales number remains strong: Feb’16 total SAAR of 17.5 million reflects 1.2M or 7.1% growth
  2. Retail sales recorded best growth rate since Oct’15: Retail sales grew +6.8% to 1.03 million or +66K units
  3. Non‐retail sales outpaced retail…again: 9.2% non‐retail growth amounts to 311K non‐retail units (+26K )
  4. Transaction prices rose, but the rate of growth is slowing: Consumer‐facing transaction price grew $309/unit or +1% to reach $30,658 for the month
  5. …as incentive spending continues to climb: Incentive spending rose +$319/unit or +10.1% to $3,458/unit
  6. Nearly a third of industry sales were facilitated through leasing: Lease grew 3.9ppts to 32.3%
  7. Consumer quality eroded, too: 2016 YTD negative equity stands at 31.4%, +2.3ppts
  8. Compact Car lost retail mix crown after one month on top: Mix fell to 14.4%, ‐0.4ppts behind Compact SUV at 14.8%