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Industry Sales Performance

    1. 2017 starts with a slight contraction as January total sales fell 0.5% to 1.14 million
    2. Retail sales fell 1.1%, driving down industry growth for the month
    3. Non‐retail sales led the industry with a modest 1.5% growth

        Industry Pricing & Incentives

        1. Customer‐facing Transaction Price raced ahead to a January record $31.4K
        2. Incentive spending also ended at a January record $3,823
        3. Consumer credit metrics and demographics pick up right where 2016 left off

        Industry Dynamics

        1. Industry immediately resumes its familiar story: SUVs race ahead, cars falter
        2. Compact and Midsize SUV gain 2.5ppts and 1.0ppts respectively to account for 30.8% of all industry retail sales
        3. Midsize and Compact Car fell 2.3ppts and 0.9ppts respectively to start the year very poorly
        4. Large Pickup also was a big winner, gaining 1.0ppts to 12.8% of industry retail sales