Data derived from J.D. Power's Power Information Network (PIN)


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  1. Industry total SAAR of 17.6M (+0.9M): Total sales reached 1.15 million or +8.1% on a DSR‐adjusted basis
  2. Retail sales grew 4.8% despite heavy snowfall mid‐month: Industry retail sales of 892K vehicles fell ‐30K units on two fewer selling days vs January 2015
  3. Non‐retail sales grew 4x retail: 22% (DSR‐adjusted) growth to 255K non‐retail units (+28K )
  4. Model year transition still trails last year, but days to turn flat: Industry still selling down MY15 even as first MY17s are arriving
  5. Transaction price growth slowed to 0.3%: $30,803 final CFTP was growth of $96/unit from Jan’15
  6. Incentive spend remains elevated: Spend ended at $3,382/unit, an increase of $374 or +12.3%
  7. Car had a good month, but still down from last year: Cars accounted for 41.2% of retail sales, up 1.3ppts from last year