Data derived from J.D. Power's Power Information Network (PIN).

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1. Total sales grew, but fell below expectations: Grew 5.4% for SAAR of 16.2M, (+0.8M units)
2. Weak Retail sales due to bad weather: Grew only 2.2% for SAAR of 12.7M
3. Large regional sales variation due to weather: Western sales up 11.7% vs Central (-2%) and Eastern (+1%)
4. Fleet sales exceeded expectations: Grew 17.8%, accounting for 23% of total sales (+2.4ppts) (note that 23% is in line with 10 year avg.)
5. Record Lease Mix, Record Extended Term Financing: Lease mix hit 28.1%, (+1ppt), 72mo and longer loans reached 33.7% (+1.6ppts)
6. Record Subprime Mix (Post Recession): Subprime mix was 18.2% (+0.7ppts), the highest level since the recession
7. Car mix at lowest level in 10 years: Car mix was 42.7% (-3.6ppts), lowest since July 2005, despite firming gas prices
8. Midsize Car segment mix lowest in 8 years (for February): Midsize car mix was 12.9% (-2.2ppts), equates to a 13% volume decline
9. Cars also lagging in transaction price growth: Car CFTPs rose 1%, SUV’s rose 2.2%. Pickups rose 3.3%
10. Demand for premium vehicles was strong: Premium mix was 13% (+0.5ppts), Premium sales rose 6.2% vs. 1.6% for non-premium
11. Record transaction prices for the month of February: CFTP grew 2.9% Y/Y to $30,333 (+$866), consumer expenditures grew 5.2%