Data derived from J.D. Power's Power Information Network (PIN).

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1. Total SAAR grew 0.4M to hit 16.5M: Total sales reached 1.45M for a growth rate of 4.6%, or +64K units
2. Retail sales grew 2.7% to 1.15M: Retail SAAR reached 13.4M (+0.1M) on volume growth of 30K units –about half the growth expected
3. Fleet growth accelerated, led industry for seventh consecutive month: Fleet grew 12.8% (2x its March growth) to reach 0.3M units. Its 34K unit growth outpaced retail. Fleet mix ended at 20.8% of total sales (+1.5ppts)
4. Despite continued fleet story, key metrics remain in acceptable ranges:
• Incentives were restrained: spend increased $88 to $2,901/unit, nearly flat as percentage of MSRP (8.4%)
• Transaction prices accelerated: CFTP hit $30,731/unit +2.6%
• Inventory turns remained stable: Retail days-to-turn remained at prior year level of 63 days
5. Consumer expenditures set an April record: Expenditure grew $1.8 billion to $35.4B
6. Extended-term financing hit record levels: 72M+ loans grew by 1.4ppts to 33.7% of industry sales (equal to Feb 15 record mix) with
much of growth driven by 84M+ loans, now at 4.0% of all transactions
7. Car mix of industry had worst April in 12 years: Car’s 43.5% mix of industry was down 5ppts vs prior year and down 7ppts from Apr’13
• Midsize Car retail sales declined 15%. Its 12.8% industry retail mix is -2.7ppts versus last year
• Compact Car sales declined 4% to 14.1% industry retail mix or -1.0ppts versus last year
• Compact SUV grew by 20% to 15.5% industry retail mix (+2.2ppts)
• Small SUV grew 30% and is now #6 segment in industry, surpassing Small Car and Midsize Van in 2015
8. Premium sales growth cooled: Premium mix of industry retail sales grew 0.1ppts to 12.5%, down from Q1’s growth of +0.6ppts