Bain Certified Net Promoter Score® by J.D. Power now available!

While the fate of the ACA remains uncertain, existing health plans and new entrants are reprioritizing how they operate and address concerns in the current environment. Many health plans are increasing rates, in part to respond to the impending health insurance tax (HIT). Health plans are shifting their focus to one of value. From value-based payment models, increased reliance on and utilization of new technology, and continuing payer-provider collaborations and partnerships, the ultimate goal is greater efficiency while maintaining high standards of care. No doubt these changes will impact health plan business models, operations, and, ultimately, the overall member experience. Improving the member journey and increasing engagement can substantially improve a health plan’s financial performance, which makes it essential to listen to the Voice of the Customer. To best identify member needs and preferences, health plans should be looking at Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Top performers will take it a step further and focus on Super KPIs. Health plans that listen to their members and prioritize actions to satisfy their expectations are more likely to directly impact their overall ROI.

Super KPI Impact on the Bottom Line  

Super KPIs are Key Performance Indicators that positively influence satisfaction and result in a higher probability of advocacy.

The J.D. Power Commercial Member Health Plan Study incorporates insights from these Super KPIs to describe how each service event between members and their health plan provider impacts overall value perceptions of the provider and identifies critical service standards that drive higher member satisfaction and improve the bottom line.

A study subscription provides access to the insights and tools needed to gain a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of how your health plan is performing and to identify key areas needing improvement.

Study deliverables include:

  • Access to regional and factor-level performance summaries that allow comparisons of plans and that examine critical member concerns
  • Net Promoter Score®—This study includes Bain Certified NPS® by J.D. Power. Several NPS® questions will be added to the respondent files and available on VoX and via a word cloud and rank chart
  • Customized scorecards displaying comparative performance on key metrics related to member experience
  • On-site executive presentation of study findings and recommendations
  • Access to VoX 3.0—a study that is available on the interactive interface, VoX 3.0

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