Call for Proposals
J.D. Power 2014 Automotive Marketing Roundtable
October 14-16, 2014 Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

Submissions due by May 2, 2014

J.D. Power will host the 2014 Automotive Marketing Roundtable (AMR) October 14-16, 2014. Last year, more than 1,500 industry professionals attended this event, making it the largest AMR to date.

The AMR is an excellent opportunity for industry leaders representing OEMs, retailers, agencies, publishers, dealers, third-party websites, and affiliates to deliver an extraordinary array of valuable insights and perspectives on critical marketing issues facing the automotive industry. This event also provides a venue to network with experts and thought leaders across the automotive marketing industry.

J.D. Power invites you to submit a proposal to make a presentation or assemble and moderate a panel discussion. Another option, new this year, is to submit a proposal to be a speaker on a pre-set topic. This approach to building a relevant program provides an opportunity for you to facilitate an insightful proposal to be part of the 2014 AMR. Proposals will undergo review by the J.D. Power program committee, and those determined to provide the most impact for the industry will be selected. Details regarding submissions follow. Contact the Event Coordinator, Shawn Slater, with further questions.


You may submit more than one proposal but please select only one topic per submission. You may only submit each proposal once. Providing duplicate submissions may disqualify your proposal from the selection process. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed.

Please select one of the following to describe your proposal:
Panels include a moderator and three to four panelists. They will vary in length from 20-45 minutes, as determined by the program committee. The moderator should engage and challenge panelists around the topic and monitor the conversation as well as conduct a Q&A to engage the audience.

20-Minute Presentation
Presentations will be delivered by one or two presenters. They should focus on new information, new tools or techniques, and how this new effort helps move the industry forward and/or provides new insights. Clients as co-presenters: If your presentation features a project completed on behalf of a client, having the client co-present with you will positively impact the program committee’s rating and improve your chances of being selected. It is a requirement that client co-presenters be confirmed and noted on the submission form in order to be considered in the first round of the selection process. Work with your clients to tell a story.

Speaker Submission
Submit one person to be part of a preset agenda topic. Speaking times vary depending on the type of speaking slot.

Bonus Item: This year we are giving the option to submit a YouTube clip of your proposed speaker presenting at a recent conference to help your proposal.

All selected speakers will be provided with complimentary registration to the Automotive Marketing Roundtable.

Proposals that are deemed sales pitches will be rejected. All proposals will be solely reviewed by the J.D. Power program committee. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Submissions for presentations and panels must fit within or cover any salient element of the topic categories listed below:

1. The Mobile and Social Game
Increasingly, consumers are accessing the Internet via mobile devices, and much of the time they spend on mobile is social in nature. What is the impact of these megatrends on how brands interact with consumers? How do brands continue to adapt in the ever-changing social landscape? How do generational dynamics come into play?

2. Consumers in the Driver’s Seat
How brands interact with consumers is changing. Apple with Apple Stores, Tesla with its direct model, GM with Shop-Click-Drive, companies are changing how they interact with consumers. In a climate of increasing fragmentation, is disintermediation/vertical integration the answer? What impact does this have on the future of car buying and advertising?

3. It’s a Mad, Mad Multi-Channel World
Print, television, radio, online, mobile, social, streaming video, consumers are using multiple channels simultaneously and will likely adopt new ones as they become available. How do marketers make sense of it all? How do marketers plan activities and measure their effectiveness across multiple channels? Are we still operating in silos, or are we making progress in integrating planning, execution, measurement, and attribution across channels? How can multiple channels be used to simplify the task at hand?

Or, submit to speak on one of the topics below:

1. Panel Topic: A la Carte Media Consumption
New technology is making it easier than ever for consumers to control what, where, and when they consume content. Additionally, a growing percentage of viewers are choosing to avoid cable fees altogether in order to take control of their viewing choices and costs. They skip commercials, avoid cable bundling costs for channels they don’t use, and opt out of expensive sports packages. Consumers can also decide when and where they watch video through options like VOD and Netflix and when and where they listen to audio content through services like Spotify and Pandora. With consumers in control of their media consumption, how can auto advertisers be sure to reach critical target audiences?

2. Panel Topic: Who Will Control the Vehicle Center Stack?
Millions of new-vehicle buyers focus on the infotainment screen in the center stack as they get into their vehicles. Who will control that screen? Will it be the car companies, the software companies, or the phone companies? How will this affect vehicle marketing in the future?

3. Panel Topic: Vehicle Price Transparency
Use of the Internet and smartphones during the auto shopping process increasingly empowers consumers by providing access to on-the-spot information. What does price transparency mean in the car buying process and how is it important for both the dealer and the consumer? Why are leading third-party automotive websites offering pricing programs and how do they compare? What is the impact on dealer margin? Is price transparency working? Are dealers honoring pricing programs and are consumers satisfied? What will this look like in the future?
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