February 27–March 1, 2017
Grand Hyatt DFW International Airport • Dallas, Texas

An Exclusive Event

“Omnichannels and the omnipotent customer—strategies, best practices, and the future”

The tenth annual J.D. Power Roundtable of Champions (ROC) is an invitation- only event comprised of J.D. Power clients, as well as executives from sales and customer care operations and organizations striving to solve problems and reach the next level of performance. This year’s theme, “Omnichannels and the omnipotent customer–strategies, best practices, and the future” recognizes the reality that customers are getting more and more powerful and will continue to require a higher level and better level of service across all channels. How are customer-centric service providers meeting this requirement and what technologies and strategies are effective? This event seeks to share this information and through our exclusive Power Networking approach that puts executives from non-competing organizations together, we help our clients fully explore the issues to become better positioned to succeed now and in the future.

The event consists of two forums: ROC and the J.D. Power Solutions Conference. The ROC is for current J.D. Power contact center clients, while the Solutions Conference is for prospective J.D. Power contact center clients. For the 2017 ROC, we are expecting more than 50 executives to attend the first two evenings and second and third day sessions, and more than 70 are expected to attend the third evening and third day sessions. Attendees represent organizations that are committed to delivering a superior customer experience, which is reflected in a consistent willingness to invest in solutions that improve their customers’ overall satisfaction and/ or reduce operational costs.

The ROC event provides a forum for operational and strategic leaders of organizations that have been recognized under the J.D. Power Certified Contact Center ProgramSM or that are current performance improvement clients to discuss key topics, including:

  • The latest Research on what customers value most, and best practices among the highest-performing contact centers for live phone, web self- service, IVR self-service, chat and email
  • Strategy-centered breakout sessions among executives from outside their own industry to cover agent engagement, integrated/unified desktop, cross-channel communication, customer experience management, how to spin up and scale chat and text operations strategies
  • Recognition of the highest-performing brands

The Solutions Conference provides a forum for prospective J.D. Power contact center clients seeking solutions to their contact center-related challenges through discussions that are focused on:

  • Improving customer satisfaction performance and reducing operational costs around all channels
  • Understanding strategies, practices and technologies utilized by J.D. Power contact center clients that address challenges problems, including the solution they implemented, the impact of that solution, and the best practices that emerged as a result of the solution.

This event is tailored to executives looking for solutions to their problems and offers our sponsors an opportunity to get in front of executives as they seek to solve the challenges they face.

*This event is business casual



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