Proprietary, Consumer-Friendly Power Circle Ratings Available For Variety of Industries, Ranging from Finance and Insurance to Telecom

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif.:  17 November 2015 — J.D. Power, a globally recognized leader in Voice of the Customer market research, has launched a new ratings and awards website offering consumers the ultimate destination for product and service ratings. The new ratings site——provides information from consumer survey responses from millions of verified product owners and service customers, to help consumers make informed purchase decisions.

Due to its expansive research operation, J.D. Power is uniquely positioned to provide the most comprehensive consumer ratings. The site offers consumers insights from 13 business sectors, including automotive, electronics, finance, healthcare, home improvement, insurance and telecom, among others.

Derived from J.D. Power’s industry-recognized consumer studies and reports, the company’s proprietary Power Circle RatingsTM are based on independent and unbiased Voice of the Customer feedback. All Power Circle Ratings are based on the opinions of a sample of consumers from a variety of industries who have owned or used the product or service being rated.

To simplify the research process for consumers, J.D. Power generates for each product or service a Power Circle Rating of five, four, three or two circles, with five Power Circles representing a score that is “among the best.” Accordingly, four Power Circles represent a score that is “better than most,” three Power Circles represent a score that is “about average,” while two Power Circles represent “the rest.”

“The J.D. Power ratings and awards website is the only source of consumer ratings based on independent and unbiased feedback from millions of verified owners and users,” said Frances Caille, vice president of strategic marketing at J.D. Power. “Using J.D. Power ratings helps consumers make better, more informed purchase decisions.”

Visitors looking to research a new or used vehicle can view car, truck, SUV and van ratings at both the brand (make) and model level by body style or by J.D. Power study—including initial quality, performance & design, and dependability. Those looking for HDTV ratings, smartphone ratings or tablet ratings can visit the Electronics page. Similarly, consumers looking for mortgage lender or auto finance provider ratings can visit the Finance page. And those in the market for auto, home or life insurance can visit the Insurance ratings page.

J.D. Power features Power Circle Ratings for the following industries:

Automotive—J.D. Power automotive ratings include new car quality ratings, new car reliability ratings, new car dependability ratings, new car performance and design ratings, new and used car dealer service ratings, new car buying ratings, third-party automotive website ratings and car tire ratings.

Electronics—J.D. Power electronics ratings include wireless smartphone ratings, tablet ratings, computer printer ratings, HDTV ratings, and other consumer electronic device ratings.

Energy—J.D. Power energy ratings include retail electric provider ratings and natural gas retailer ratings.

Finance—J.D. Power finance ratings include auto finance ratings, credit card ratings, home finance ratings, bank ratings, investment firm ratings and financial advisor ratings.

Healthcare—J.D. Power healthcare ratings include health insurance plan ratings, pharmacy ratings, vision plan ratings, dental plan rating and blood glucose meter ratings.

Home Improvement—J.D. Power home ratings include realtor ratings (home buyer and home seller), home improvement store ratings, window ratings, patio door ratings, paint store ratings, paint ratings, kitchen cabinet ratings, appliance website ratings, and various appliance ratings, including vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, clothes washers, clothes dryers, microwaves, dishwashers, ranges and cooktops.

Insurance—J.D. Power insurance ratings include auto insurance ratings, home insurance ratings, life insurance ratings, health insurance ratings, business insurance ratings, and property insurance ratings.

Retail—J.D. Power retailer ratings include consumer product retailer ratings.

Telecom—J.D. Power telecom ratings include wireless smartphone ratings, tablet ratings, wireless service ratings, Internet service provider ratings, TV service provider ratings, wireline phone service ratings and business phone service ratings.

Travel—J.D. Power travel ratings include airline ratings, airline loyalty program ratings, hotel ratings, hotel loyalty program ratings, rental car ratings and travel website ratings.

Fully Responsive Site Design Adapts to Any Platform, Enhancing User Experience

J.D. Power research shows that consumers are increasingly using mobile devices—smartphones and tablets—during the shopping process. The new J.D. Power ratings and awards website features a fully responsive design, adapting to desktop or mobile platforms to provide an optimal user experience regardless of the device, location or browser.

“Consumers are using mobile devices, specifically smartphones, in increasing numbers, instead of desktops,” said John Kunze, senior director of digital marketing at J.D. Power. “Responsive Web design is device-agnostic, delivering efficient design and content regardless of device type.”

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