Phil Rzepka is SVP, Head of Global Innovation at Carat. He responsible for pioneering campaigns, innovations, and brand experiences that push conventional boundaries. He works across the GM portfolio, and is the person that  people come to when they have a complex problem with no solution in sight or a client request for "something that's never been done before".

Prior to the innovation role at Carat, Phil was the VP, Head of Digital and also built the analytics team. He was primarily responsible for the digital planning and investment of GM's digital media, in addition to negotiating and stewarding Global Partnerships.

Phil is obsessed to understand how humans consume media in totality. He began as a graphic artist and designer, but seamlessly moved into the strategy and business aspects of advertising early on. That balance of loving strategy/data/targeting, but equally art and design, has shaped his perspectives on advertising throughout his career. Phil holds multiple degrees, including an M.B.A from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.

In his spare time, Phil recently served as the 108th President of the Adcraft Club of Detroit, one of the oldest, largest and most vibrant advertising clubs in the country.  When elected, he was the youngest president in the club's 109 year history.