Cyber Security and Data Breach Management Solutions

Cyber-attacks and data breach incidents are on the rise as organizations continue to handle an increasing number of personal data. In addition, as consumer products become increasingly inter-connected and automated, safety and security become a propriety for consumers. 

Consider the Stats

Data Breaches
IoT Devices

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The Solution

J.D. Power offers cyber security and data breach solutions to help companies improve the security of their consumer products and data breach response. Poor product security or data breach response can be devastating for brands and their customers, however, an appropriate analysis of risks and consumer feedback can help companies improve their value proposition. 

The Benefits

J.D. Power can help with:

  • Improvement of product security and breach response based on consumer feedback.
  • Communication planning and execution with customers.
Cyber Security Customer Protection

How It Works

J.D. Power’s approach is to carefully collect and assess consumer feedback through our surveys in order to better understand their concerns and expectations. While we use the data for benchmarking and ranking, companies may leverage J.D Power’s vast database of consumer feedback to improve the security of consumer products and their data breach response in order to offer the safety and security that consumers expect from companies and their products.

Cyber Security

Typical activities in a data breach response include, but are not limited to:

  • Activate crisis management teams and plans
  • Determine the root cause of the data breach and create a remediation plan
  • Identify the potential victims of the data breach
  • Draft a formal communication and response for data breach victims, regulators and other parties
  • Engage Legal team and services for defense and compliance

What Are Consumers Saying

According to a recent data breach survey by J.D. Power, the majority of respondents:

number 1 Believe that companies do not respond well to data breach incidents and are not helpful with breach communication, advice, and customer protection.

number 2 Claim that data breach incidents change the way they protect their information and do business.

number 3 Are willing to replace existing business relationships with new ones.

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