Executive Forum- Learning from the Best

The latest research on live phone, chat, email, IVR and web self-service, plus exclusive case studies and interactive discussions with verified top performers on how to really improve and sustain high performance

The second J.D. Power Solutions Conference (SC) kicks off with a reception and dinner on Wednesday, March 1st. On March 2nd we will share lots of data and insights on what customers value most by channel and help organizations prioritize their efforts in the coming year. We have omnichannel insights covered, and also offer the best information on the traditional channels that customers still use the most.

Additionally, we will be exploring three case studies from verified top performers who will share their key strategies for quickly improving and sustaining performance. This format allows participants to ask specific questions of these Certified Contact Center organizations on how the transformation actually happened and how attendees can achieve higher performance as well. We will dig into the specific strategies, tools and practices used to become certified.

The Solutions Conference:

  • Is the best forum for timely consumer insights by channel
  • Shares both strategies and specific approaches that are proven to improve performance
  • Designed to drive maximum performance improvement at the least possible cost to you
  • Is the best use of time, since it is easy in and easy out, with no rental cars, meals offsite, or long lines at the airport
    • Step off the plane and take the Skylink to DFW Terminal D, and you are there
    • Expedited passes to get you home quickly and easily
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2017 Contact Center Solutions Conference