Automotive Retail Consulting


Sales Rejecter Research

This proprietary study details why shoppers leave or reject dealership showrooms in favor of other same-make showrooms or competitor brand showrooms when shopping for a new vehicle. This proprietary study provides tactical and insightful information to drive improvement in both retail sales and satisfaction improvement.

Retail Consulting

Improve dealer performance by incorporating J.D. Power's in-dealership consulting programs. These programs effectively leverage syndicated sales and service best practices to improve the customer experience. J.D. Power retail consultants, who have a broad range of retail experience in improving customer satisfaction, provide the ability to analyze and address root-cause issues impacting dealer performance.

Used-Vehicle Consulting

Incentive Planning

This service leverages advanced econometric models to evaluate the impact of pricing and incentive actions on sales, incentive spending, and profitability. J.D. Power consultants assist clients by using the models to identify optimal pricing and incentive tactics, as well as quantifying the impact of competitive pricing and incentive actions. The resulting insights and analyses are key inputs into core sales planning activities, such as monthly sales target setting, incentive planning, and vehicle pricing.

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