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The next key building block on the path to fully autonomous vehicles is heads-up display – featuring augmented virtual reality, industry experts here say. Safety is No.1 on the minds of consumers when it comes to advanced-vehicle technology, say panelists discussing the future of HMI (human-machine interface) systems at the 2015 WardsAuto Interiors Conference, and widespread application of future HUD devices will play into that.


What do you want in a car? Dependability. But what, exactly, should be dependable? Obviously the engine, the brakes, the ability to accelerate. Maybe gas mileage, or a good sound system. Oh, wait, the car also needs to smoothly connect to Siri on my iPhone and tell me where the closest Starbucks is. In its 2015 survey of the most dependable cars, J.D. Power has found that a growing number of car buyers care as much about the technology in their vehicles, which has nothing to do with driving, as they care about how the car actually drives.

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When it comes to tech in their cars, consumers want features that prevent accidents or make driving easier more than tech that simply entertains them, a survey out Wednesday finds. Blind spot detection and accident prevention systems, night vision capability, and enhanced collision mitigation systems ranked highest among preferred technologies in the J.D. Power 2015 U.S. Tech Choice Study.