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J.D. Power captures the opinions and perceptions of millions of consumers annually. Our benchmarks are accepted as the key performance indicators for their respective industries, and our data and insights are used by companies worldwide to improve quality, satisfaction, and business performance. Consumers recognize and trust the J.D. Power brand.


Every industrialized country knows how important the auto industry is to development. It keeps people employed in well-paying jobs. It has tons of derivative industries, from auto parts manufacturers to car dealerships to roads and restaurants set up along the assembly lines.  In China, where an unspeakable full employment policy has been in the works for the past 20  years, local states got in on the act by building car companies from scratch. They got jobs. They got taxes. They got oversupply.  And now, the time has come from China’s world leading auto market to consolidate.

J.D. Power Sees Strong October

MediaPost Communications

October 23, 2015

MediaPost Communications

Auto experts have been saying for months that this year could be the strongest in a decade, and that total sales could top 17 million. Last month was huge -- and predictions are that October is going to be another winner. J.D. Power sees this month winding up as the best October since 2001, in the post-9/11 days where automakers kicked off such 0% financing campaigns as GM's “Keep America Rolling.”


Two 20-somethings walked into a car dealership . . . No, that really happened—this isn’t a setup for a joke. More than a quarter of the 16 million new-car purchases in the United States last year were made by that tech-savvy, marketing-averse group known as millennials, according to market-research firm J.D. Power. And virtually all those buyers ended up signing the paperwork and accepting the keys at an honest-to-goodness new-car dealership.