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In recent years, it has become widely accepted that millennials don’t like cars. According to conventional wisdom, the generation born from about 1980 to 2004 prefers public transportation or Uber. They get jazzed about the latest iPhone, not the new Ford Focus. Cue dire predictions for the auto industry.


Warren Buffett's new auto dealership business isn't under any threat from Elon Musk or his Tesla distribution model, the billionaire said Tuesday. Speaking to CNBC at a forum hosted by the National Automobile Dealers Association, J.D. Power and the New York International Auto Show, Buffett said he did not anticipate much of a threat from the electric car company's direct-to-consumer model because of Tesla's relatively small market.


“Even though recalls can create a large influx of customers into the service department and really strain capacity, automakers are better prepared to handle recalls than they were a few years ago,” Chris Sutton, vice president of J.D. Power’s U.S. automotive retail practice, said in the statement.